We had a great time snorkeling in Aruba. Sightings included turtles, French Angelfish, spiney lobster, octopus and many others. Our snorkel adventures included a morning snorkel sail, which stopped at three different locations. We also found great snorkeling off the pier of our resort at Divi Phoenix. The nice thing about having the pier so close, was being able to return multiple days to the same location to see what had changed. Be sure to look at the companion album of 'land' pictures - Aruba land pictures - 2022 .
Getting in the water at the Antilla shipwreck
Group of mostly sergeant majors [Abudefduf saxatilis]
Never alone at the snorkel sites
Travelling to second snorkle spot --Boca Catalina -- closer to shore
The captain -- same one we had back in 2009
Palm Beach skyline
Turtle on bottom ~30 feet
Turtle on bottom
Turtle swimming/grazing near bottom
Turtle grazing on bottom
Turtle coming to surface for a gulp of air
Sonia snorkeling
Scuba diver in the area
There were other snorkel groups in the area
Some shoreline, not the best for snorkel entry
The dreaded 'between your legs' life vest strap. Fortunately only recommended, not required.
Resting between snorkel stops
Blue Tang [Acanthurus coeruleus]
Blue Tangs
Blue Tang [Acanthurus coeruleus]